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Senior Portraits

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Amazing Senior Portraits for an amazing price

Here at Special Moments we offer seniors a unique look. We focus on your Senior. We want our seniors to have an awesome experience from beginning to end.

We offer Classic and traditional studio/outdoor pictures that seniors love. If you are looking for something different and want the best Senior pictures you have come to the right place. We make our senior feel comfortable to bring out there personality.

The two most frequently asked questions are "Do you have Helper?" and "What should I wear?" Yes We have a stylist to help you w/hair/makeup clothing and any extras while we are shooting!

Second answer is wear what makes you feel good and feel most like yourself. Avoid busy patterns, clothes with writing (especially big logos across the chest), bright white (creamy white is ok) and Bold red!

Please be comfortable. Don't cut your hair! Plan your session at least 2-3 weeks after a hair cut to give your hair a chance to grow into its new style.

Are you involved in sports? Dance? Cheerleading? Music? We can work with your uniforms or sports equipment - tennis rackets, soccer balls, pompoms, well-loved dance shoes. We want to make your pictures an expression of who you are right now and these activities are part of your identity.

We are also here for those parents who want the best but are worried about price. We have two beautiful Daughters and are very aware of price! We pride our selves on Affordable prices for exceptional work!

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